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Teddy twister the acrobat

Teddy twister the acrobat


Height :

Price : 68€


Teddy Twister is the acrobat of the Cirque des Drapeaux de France own collection. Acrobats and contortionists have been around for thousands of years and in every civilization in the world. From vases of ancient Greece we can see scenes of contortion, acrobatics and juggling. Meanwhile in China, one can see acrobats on potteries from the Han dynasty (-200/200). Acrobats were also very popular in European courts in the Middle Ages. In whatever form, tightrope walkers, contortionists or trapeze artists, acrobats are a cornerstone of the circus.

We draw the attention of our kind customers to the fact that each of these pieces being unique by the painting, small details can differ from the presented photos as well as the dimensions and masses of the objects which are given for information only and without accuracy.

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