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Grognard, officer

Grognard, officer


Height : 65mm

Price : 40€

Hand painted metal figurine.

The most distinguished regiment of the Napoleonic wars, the famous "Grognards" in a Drapeaux de France homemade version. From Marengo to Waterloo, their bearskin hats inspired fear in the heart of their enemies. Ten years of service and at least one citation were required to join the regiment.This grenadier unit was part of the "Vieille garde", Napoleon's elite corps used as a schock reserve in many battles. Nicknamed "les Grognards" because of their inclination to complain, they were deeply attached to the person of the emperor and were of the last ones to fight in 1815.

We draw the attention of our kind customers to the fact that each of these pieces being unique by the painting, small details can differ from the presented photos as well as the dimensions and masses of the objects which are given for information only and without accuracy.

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